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 34 Over- Sting Pinch Zone

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PostSubject: 34 Over- Sting Pinch Zone   34 Over- Sting Pinch Zone EmptyMon Sep 14, 2009 11:26 pm

Play: 3-4 Over- Sting Pinch Zone
Playbook: Many ( 34, BAL, KC, NE, NYJ, SF)
Step 1. Re-blitz the DT
Step 2. Take the RILB (left of screen) and place him in the right A Gap
Step 3. Re-blitz the RILB
*Place your fastest LB at RILB (#2 MLB) in your depth chart

This is the base setup to this defense. It is obviously a very quick setup, but the pressure is out of this world. The RILB flys up the A Gap so fast that even if you block your RB he won't get there in time. Literally, you get sacked as soon as you receive the ball even in Gun sets.


If the offense slide protects down, the ROLB (left of screen) will come off the edge just as fast for the sack.

You do not need to leave the LOLB (right of screen) blitzing. I like to put him in coverage. Sometimes I man him up on TE, sometimes I put him in a purple zone. Sometimes I even put him in a QB contain.

Having said that, once you run this blitz a few times on the offense, the offense will start blocking so many offensive players that you as well either keep him in a QB contain or let him stay blitzing.

Of course, you should expect the offense to try running WR screens on this. No problem, just man up the outside DB covering the WR the offense is running screens to. If it happens to be a slot screen, I will user that sides S and lurk it myself.

This is a game changing blitz, and just the beginning of the absurd heat I have found on Madden 10.

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34 Over- Sting Pinch Zone
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