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Don't be afraid of playing a better style of Madden. If you need to be the best, come learn from the Best. You can be the One that people talk about. Remember Respect is earned, Not given!
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ē A little-known fact in Madden NFL 10, is that by holding down sprint and the A button while on defense, your defender will actually

go into an auto-lock mode, where the CPU will take over and either revert to his zone if heís playing one, or attack the player with

the ball if heís blitzing. This comes in handy in moments where you want the CPU to take over momentarily, but you donít want to

lose track of the player entirely. This is a quality way to run down a scrambling QB in the event that they break containment on your

initial blitz, or to quickly switch your focus to the RB if you notice a hand-off in development. Your friends will think you are using

madden cheats but really youíre just using the controls they give you!
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