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 Shotgun Tight Flex Scheme:

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PostSubject: Shotgun Tight Flex Scheme:   Shotgun Tight Flex Scheme: EmptySun Feb 28, 2010 8:26 pm

Shotgun Tight Flex Scheme:

This Scheme is one of the most Succesfull I have ever Used, I can Play out of this Formation all Day long and it is almost impossible to stop.

Plays Used In This Scheme:
1. PA QB Choice

2. WR Cross

3. Slot Wheel

4. PA Slot Options

5. HB Draw

PA QB Choice

1. Read the defense and determine if they are playing man Zone

2. If the Defense is in man coverage Hot route the Back to a drag route, If you read zone Houte route the back to a curl route.

3. Against Man coverage the left inside slot reciever running the slant will shred his defender leaving him wide open, with plenty of room to run once he catches the ball, that route does take a few seconds to develop so if you sense the blitz is coming hit the HB for an easy gain of 15-20 yards.

4. Against Zone Coverage, The HB running the curl route is almost always wide open, if he is not, hit the TE running the blue route.
This play is my bread and butter, it can be ran all day long and is nearly impossible to stop

WR Cross
1. Read the defense and determine if they are playing man Zone

2. Against Man coverage the Half back will be open in the flats for a pickup of 10-15 yards, to complete the pass succesfully Hit the back before he makes his cut up field, and then get outside for extra yards after the catch

3. Against Zone Coverage, Houte route the back to a curl route, You have 2 choices against zone coverage, you can either hit the HB running the curl route, or the left outside reciever running the flat fade, To throw to the reciever succesfully snap the ball hold down left on the d-pad and fire to the reciever. This route is also succesfull vs man coverage, its only weakness is bump & Run coverage

Slot Wheel

This Play works against both Man & Zone Coverages

1. Snap the ball, hold down left on the d-pad and fire to the left outside reciever, then get outside for extra yards after the catch

PA Slot Options

1. Cancel Playaction

2. Both inside slot recievers are running smart routes, and will either run a short curl route vs zone, or an out pattern vs man coverage, either was someone will always be open.

HB Draw

This is a good solid run play to keep the defense honest

1. Run the play as is or motion one of the recievers accrossed the field and snap the ball once they get passed the center, Follow your Blocks
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Shotgun Tight Flex Scheme:
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