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Morph Blitz
Select 3-4 Solid 2 Man Under (May work with other 3-4 plays)
Pinch the line and manually re-blitz all three linemen.
Take a linebacker and manually re-blitz him straight down.
Move him so that he is slightly touching the back of the DT.
Take control of the DT and Turbo blitz with him. He should engage
the center allowing the linebacker to morph towards the QB.
Arizona Playbook
Gun Bunch WK - HB Mid Draw
I like to run the HB Draws out of shotgun formations that I pass out of a
lot. Use this plays on 2nd down after you’ve passed from this formation on 1st.
Gun Bunch WK – Deep Corner
This is a great play to go deep to the A receiver. Since he crosses with the B
receiver, it usually confuses the defense allowing for the A receiver to get a
lead step on his way to the sidelines. Give a lead and precision up pass.
Gun Bunch WK – Corner Strike
A great play for an easy 7-9 yard pickup. Hit the A receiver as he crosses the
middle with a bullet lead pass (Man) and a precision up pass in zone if he is
heading towards a linebacker.
Gun Bunch WK – Mesh
A great play if you like to utilize your HB on the deep pass. The other
receivers lead the defense away from the left side of the filed which allows
you to make an easy pass to your HB if a linebacker is his man. I also like to
hot route right on the D-Pad the Y receiver and give him a lead pass
towards the sidelines for my secondary target.
Gun Doubles WK – Curl Flat
I am not a fan of the curls this year but this is a decent play to run in 3rd and
short situations. The HB also runs a good route, so consider him your
secondary target. Make sure not to force the pass to the receiver on the
curl if his defender is standing next to him as this often leads to an INT.
Make a precision up pass only of the defender is behind the receiver and
out of position.
Gun Doubles WK – FL Screen
This is one of my favorite screen plays out of Arizona’s playbook. Make the
quick pass and either follow your blockers, or head to the sideline and look
for a 10-12 yard gain until the safety gets into position for the tackle.
Gun Doubles WK – Double Cross
Hot route left on the D-Pad the LB receiver. He is almost always open off of
the cut since the X receiver runs right in front of him. I like to roll out to the
left slightly and make a lead pass towards the sideline. Also consider the A
receiver since he is usually wide open behind the LB receiver. (They run in
the same direction)
Gun Doubles WK – HB Slip Screen
This is one of those plays that works about 50/50. I like to hot route both
the X and LB receivers to block to the right, but that is your call. This play
has potential for a huge gain if your blockers can engage all of the
defenders that pose a threat.
Gun Doubles WK – PA Dagger
A good play action play that can cause confusion on the left side of the
field. My primary target is the X receiver as he crosses up the middle with a
precision up pass, but don’t count of the LB receiver on the streak, he
usually has the lead step on his man since the X receiver crosses in front of
his receiver.
Gun Empty Trips – Slants
A good slants play. I usually find my self throwing to the X receiver off of his
cut with a lead pass, but the Y or B receiver’s on the right side of the field
are also good options for a lead pass.
Gun Empty Trips – Inside Pivot
You have a lot of good options for this play. I’d say my top three targets are
the A, LB, and Y receivers respectively. The A or Y receivers with a precision
lead pass give you good 3-5 yard pickup, or you can go a little deeper to the
LB receiver up the middle with a precision up pass.
Gun Empty Trips – Curls Y Whip
One of my favorite pass plays out of this playbook. I don’t even consider a
secondary target since the A receiver is always open for a precision up and
lead pass out of the stutter step across the middle. This is usually good for a
5-7 yard pick up and is my favorite 3rd down play.
Gun Flips Trip – Zone HB Screen

I hardly ever utilize the HB on this screen play. The B receiver is usually my
primary target since the motion almost always fools the defender since his
route is the opposite way. Just roll out to the right and give him a lead pass.
Your other choice is to go deep to the A receiver with a lob pass towards
the sideline. He usually has some space to work with since there is a lot of
confusion with the trips package.
Gun Flips Trip – HB Mid Draw
This is another good HB draw play that can catch the defense off guard. Run
this on 2nd or 3rd down after passing out of this formation to maximize your
chance of picking up a 5-6 yard run.
Gun Flips Trip – Slants Flat
A great slants play that gives you a good secondary target in your HB or A
receiver. I like to focus on the Y receiver and give him a precision up pass
when he is perpendicular to the QB, but also consider giving the A receiver
a bullet lead pass as he heads toward the sideline.
Gun Tight – Bench
You can use this play in a variety of situations. I like to choose between
either the LB and X receiver. The X receiver is an easy 4-6 yard pickup with a
lead pass, or you can look to the sidelines with the LB on his corner route.
Just give a precision up pass and use the Jetpacking strategy and it is as if a
defender is not even there.
Gun Spread – FK SCRN HB Sweep
I love to run this trick play on first down. Try to follow your blocks on the
left side of the field. You can try to take it up the gut, but I like heading
towards the sideline since it there is usually open space after the fake WR
Gun Spread – PA Swing Screen
Hot route left on the D-Pad the LB receiver. Either roll to the left and give
him a lead pass for a 4-6 yard gain, or give the X receiver a quick pass and
follow your blocks towards the sideline for a potential big gain.
I-Form Pro – FB Dive
The FB dive is a great 3rd down play for an almost guaranteed 2-4 yard gain.
Just head for the gap as soon as the play starts and work on protecting the
ball since the FB is prone to fumble.
I-Form Pro – PA Scissors
The A receiver is a great target to give a precision up and lead pass towards
the sideline, but also consider the X receiver up the middle with a precision
up pass for a 6-8 yard pick up.
I-Form Pro Twins – Wheel Out
I love this play because I have three solid options. You can go to the X
receiver up the middle with a precision up pass, or you can utilize the B
receiver and rocket catch with him for a massive pick up down the
sidelines. He is usually in single coverage so there is potential for yards after catch. You can also look short to your HB in the flats for a decent pickup since the secondary shifts deep to adjust to the slants.
I-Form Pro Twins – Power O
A run play to the outside that can develop into a big pickup if the defense is
expecting the run towards the left side of the field. Let your FB engage the
nearest defender and break out at a slight angle to the sideline for a big
pick up.
I-Form Pro Twins – Weak Iso
A good play to run right up the middle for a 3-4 yard pick up. I like to hurdle
as I pass the line so that the momentum carries the HB forward if he is hit.
Pahokee Bunch – Power
This is a solid run play to either look for a hole within the blocks, or head
towards the sideline for a medium pickup.
Singleback Ace – Ace TE Drag
I love the TE drag because of its high success rate, just give him a bullet lead
pass as he crosses the left side of hash marks. You can also consider the LB
receiver up the middle with a precision up pass.
Singleback Ace Pair Twins – Hitch Corners
If you have confidence in your A receiver on the deep corner route, give
him a lead and precision up bullet pass. I also like to alternate between him
and the Y receiver for a short gain that can leave the defense uneasy.
Singleback Ace Pair Twins – WR Screen
A good screen play out of a formation other than shotgun. I like to cut back
towards the sideline since your blockers are looking to pickup the
secondary which allows for a big pickup if you weave in and out of your
Singleback Y-Trips - Flood
Hot route left on the D-Pad the A receiver. He will be your back up if the Y
receiver is covered. In both cases, simply give a lead pass towards the
sidelines as they make their cut away from the defender.
Singleback Y-Trips – HB Blunt Dive
A good run play to blast up the middle on the weak side.
Singleback Y-Trips – WR Double Pass
An awesome trick play. Make the quick pass to the B receiver and either
scramble treating the play like a screen, or look for an open receiver. I
recommend trying to get the ball to the HB on the opposite side of the field
since he is in the blue route which usually leaves him wide open in the flats.
Strong Pro – HB Blast
I love running out of this formation and often come back to this play on 2nd
down. Try to find the hole that the FB opens up for you.
Strong Pro – Z Close CTR WK
A confusing run play that often leads to a big pickup. I love running the
counters (which are tough to find in Arizona’s playbook) but this one often
successful if you can head towards the sideline and allow the FB to engage
the nearest threat. I like to motion my FB to the left sometimes.
Strong Slot – WR Middle Drag
My secondary target is the HB with a lob pass over the defender. Your
primary target should be the B receiver after he makes his cut towards the
sideline. Roll out to the right and give him a bullet lead pass if he has a step
on his man.
There are a lot of good plays to run out of the weak packages:
Some of the most effective run plays I’ve had luck with are:
Weak Pro
FB Power
HB Gut
PA CTR Waggle - Roll out to the right and hit the B receiver with a lead pass as
he cuts toward the sideline.
Weak Tight Pair
Toss Weak
Power O
HB Dive (Find the hole the FB in motion makes)
Weak Twins
HB Gut
PA WR IN - Look for the A receiver in the corner for a huge pickup if the
defense commits to run.
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