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 Some more cheats, that I found.

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Some more cheats, that I found. Empty
PostSubject: Some more cheats, that I found.   Some more cheats, that I found. EmptyThu Oct 08, 2009 1:30 am

Play: Gun Split Cowboy- Slot Seam

Playbooks: Dallas and Pass Balanced

Step 1. Put the outside left WR on the fade route
Step 2. Put the outside right WR on a slant route to the left (Slant IN)

First of all, I recommend using the "Dual HB" package to get the most speed in the backfield for this play.

The route run by the RB on the left kills all nanos and zone coverages. You will see the RB hit a soft spot in the zone. Throw a bullet with no pass lead at this point.

The route by the other RB on the right is a man to man killer. Use pass lead to the sideline with a bullet for maximum YAC.

The slot streak is a great zone beater as well because it is angled to find the crease of zone coverage.

The slant in route abuses man and nanos as well.

Play: Strong Close: HB Off Tackle

Playbook: Pass Balanced

Step 1. Use Aggressive Slide Protection

When running this play, you just want to read your blocks. It is an outside running play by default, so you will want to cut it outside, but do not go too far outside if it is not there. Simply taking it off the tight end's hip can be just as effective as going outside the wide receiver depending on how the defense is set up.

34 Over - Sting Pinch Zone Run Defense

Play: 34 Over- Sting Pinch Zone
Playbooks: Many

Step 1. Globally blitz all LB'ers (LB audible plus down on the right stick)
Step 2. Spread out the LB'ers
Step 3. Re-blitz the DT
Step 4. Put the RILB (left of Center) in the right "A" gap
Step 5. Place the LILB directly over the RT
Step 6. Put the LOLB (right of screen) into a QB Contain

Play: 34 Normal- 2 Deep MLB Spy
Playbooks: MANY (EX: 3-4, BAL, NE, NYJ, PITT, ETC)

Step 1. Call BNR (coverage audible plus down)
Step 2. Pinch the DL
Step 3. Re-blitz the LDE (right of screen)
Step 4. Put the LILB (right of screen on a QB Spy) into the right "A" gap and re-blitz him

Nickel 1-5-5 - Cover 3

Play: Nickel 1-5-5 Cover 3
Playbooks: ANY w/ Nickel 1-5-5 (EX: NYJ)

Step 1. Shift the DL to the right
Step 2. Put the blitzing MLB into a QB Spy
Step 3. Place each defender in a flat zone into a purple zone

You want manually control the deep safety when running this play.

Kickoff Block



-Must be done in either the 3-4 or 4-6 defensive playbooks.

-Pick Kick Return Middle

-Click onto the player who is directly in from of the ball. (You can hold

circle and select him with the right analog stick for the quickest method)

-Hold down on the D-Pad

-Once the kick animation scene starts, your player will move forward, try

to place him right in front of the ball.

Xbox 360:

-Pick the 3-4 or 4-6 Defensive playbook. (It can only be done with this


-Pick Kick Return Middle

-Select the player directly in front of the ball and hold down on the stick

for the entire play. Even if the camera rotates keep holding down.

-If you are having trouble doing this, try pressing down on the D-Pad


There really isnít a counter, but the best way to avoid getting your kick

blocked is to kick it straight up with medium power.

Freeze Game Glitch

This glitch will freeze your opponentís game and you will be given the

disconnect options.

Rapidly pause and resume the game (Pause it and hit (A, X) as soon as you

hit start)

Do this about five times.

Then hit start and leave it on the pause menu for about 30 seconds.

If the timer doesnít start then the glitch worked. Once they leave the game

you will be given the options.
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Some more cheats, that I found.
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