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 46 Bear - Sam Snake

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PostSubject: 46 Bear - Sam Snake   46 Bear - Sam Snake EmptyMon Sep 14, 2009 11:36 pm

  Play: 46 Bear- Sam Snake
Playbook: 46
Step 1. Come out in any zone defense from 46 Bear
Step 2. Call BNR (coverage audible plus down)
Step 3. Audible into 46 Bear- Sam Snake
Step 4. Place the MLB into the right A Gap
Step 5. Playmaker the MLB to blitz  

Steps 1-3 do two things for us. First of all, we give the offense a zone look once they break the huddle. Once they see this, we quickly audible into man. The players on defense do not give this change away. Secondly, this gives us a delayed bump and run coverage.
The heat from the MLB comes untouched up the A Gap. If the offense tries to use slide protection and extra blockers, we will get instant outside heat from the opposite DE and the OLB on the unique outside rush angle on the outside the RT. You may consider manually rushing with this play.

You can use this concept to confuse the offense with any set of plays or formations. Simply come out in zone, call bump and run coverage, and then audible into a man defense. I wanted to give you an example of using this tactic with an intense nano blitz. This tip should really crank up your defensive pressure and success!
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46 Bear - Sam Snake
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