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 The Rocket Catch

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Rocket Catch Fade
Step 1. Hot route the outside WR to perform a fade route
Step 2. Wait until he is about 20 yards downfield
Step 3. Throw a bullet pass with pass lead to the sideline (ex: Use pass lead to the left if you are throwing to the outside left WR)
Step 4. Immediately click on and hold down on the right analog stick

  The right analog stick will give you a rocket catch animation. You will see your WR soar for the ball and come down with the catch. It will take a minute to get used to holding down on the right analog stick, but once you do this is extremely easy to perform.

This obviously can be used with any passing play from any playbook. Make sure to put a tall WR with a good jump rating in the spot to perform the rocket catch!

You can throw this pass at longer distances, but if you do, you will need to wait a bit longer to click onto your WR after you throw the ball.

The rocket catch is extremely effective against zone coverage. It is still effective against man coverage, but there are much easier ways to beat man coverage than trying to rocket catch.

You can use the this tactic on different routes. Play around in practice mode to see what routes you like to rocket catch. Outs, corners, and slant outs are all effective as well.

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The Rocket Catch
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