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 The Art of the User Catch

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PostSubject: The Art of the User Catch   The Art of the User Catch EmptyFri Aug 28, 2009 9:18 pm

Any Passing Play can be used to jetpack.

Jet Pack Routes: Streaks, Fades, Corners, Posts
How To Jet Pack

Throw the ball to the inside, with just slightly less on it than a bullet pass. This allows more air under the ball so its a little higher.
You can go up or down inside depending on how the defense is playing and whether or not there is a safety over the top. Click on, turbo and cut in front of the red indicator.
About right at the edge or a yard outside the red indicator. Time your catch, press and hold catch until you come down with the ball. You will know that you pulled off the animation when the receiver jumps off one leg and uses his body to shield the defensive player while going up to get the ball.

It is not necessary to use Randy Moss or Larry Fitzgerald to pull this off either. You can do this with any WR in the game, but obviously WR's that are tall and can jump are easier to perform this manual catch with.

This is a great offensive tactic that can be used to take your offense to another level. Be sure to practice this because once you master it, your offense will be much tougher to defend. Head into practice mode and throw streak after streak to get this down right away!
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The Art of the User Catch
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