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Don't be afraid of playing a better style of Madden. If you need to be the best, come learn from the Best. You can be the One that people talk about. Remember Respect is earned, Not given!
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 Rules for the Madden Dungeon Message Board:

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PostSubject: Rules for the Madden Dungeon Message Board:   Rules for the Madden Dungeon Message Board: EmptySun Jul 26, 2009 12:20 pm

Rules for the Madden Dungeon Message Board:

1. In the interests of community, we ask that you respect a few ground rules. Please respect your fellow users: debates are welcome, but not personal attacks.
2. Do not write anything libelous or otherwise illegal.
3. As in most public forums, attacks based on others' membership in an identifiable group such as race, ethnic origin, gender and/or sexual orientation are not allowed.
4. No unpaid advertisements or solicitations on our boards, please.
5. To protect privacy, announcing that a user has posted under different handle names, is not allowed. To clarify, that means if someone suspects (based on style, tone, spelling, etc.) that Darvari, for example, is posting under the name Bills29, for someone to announce their suspicions is not allowed.
6. Please, let's do without the profanities or otherwise foul language.

Some need-to-know info...

1. If you choose to give your address or any other identifiable information, please remember the public nature of the forums - everyone has access to any information provided.
2. Please read over your message for correct spelling and grammar.
3. Any message that is posted that is viewed to be unsuitable will be deleted by the moderators. takes no responsibility for the opinions expressed and advice exchanged here; we are unable to check any facts and therefore cannot attest to the accuracy of information contained in any conversation thread.
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Rules for the Madden Dungeon Message Board:
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