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 Quarters Normal - Zone Blitz

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PostSubject: Quarters Normal - Zone Blitz   Quarters Normal - Zone Blitz EmptyWed Apr 15, 2009 1:34 am

Play: Quarters Normal- Zone Blitz
Playbooks: ALL
Step 1. Call BNR
Step 2. Grab the MLB and place him in the left A gap (between the LG/C)
Step 3. Grab the blitzing Quarter back (directly to the right of the LDE on the right of the screen) and move him on the right hip of the LDE (right of the screen)
Step 4. Grab the blitzing DB to the furthest right of screen and STACK him BEHIND the left leg of the LDE (right DE)
Step 5. Re-Blitz the blitzing DB on the left of the screen and manually blitz him
The group of ballers running this blitz in the KOTC tournament had a nice trick when manually rushing the passer. I am going to outline it below.



Basically when you re-blitz the DB, he takes an angle at the LT. For the first second or two of this blitz, do not do anything, just let the CPU rush. Next, take control of the DB and cut to the outside and around of the LT. The tackle will be out of position and give you an easy path to the QB.
This manual rush is what really made this defense effective in my opinion because you have to respect the pressure on both sides of the field. Many people tried to block a RB or TE on the right to prevent the right B gap pressure, but that leaves the manual rush wide open for you. Now if they try to block the manual rush, the B Gap pressure should get through. Either way, this is quick pressure in just a split second.
The coverage on this play is solid because you get a good bump from the outside DB's in flat zones. You have two deep safeties and the two defensive ends drop back over the middle in hook zones. The pressure of this play is so great that you really do not have to worry about anything deep.
The only other adjustments I like to make to this play are shading the two deep safeties' zone coverage. There are basically two things to look for here. First, if the the offense runs fades to outside WR's shade them UP. Lastly, if the offense runs crooked streaks to the slot/TE shade them DOWN.
Final Thoughts:
Pay close attention to steps 3 and 4. The positioning of these players is super important on this blitz. This positioning allows the DB stacked on the left leg of the LDE in step 4 to shoot through the right B Gap. I have seen people try to run this defense on me with a different setup, but that is wrong and not nearly as effective as what we have outlined here because the pressure from the right side will not work properly.
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Quarters Normal - Zone Blitz
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