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 Gun Double Flex Dbl WR Screen

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PostSubject: Gun Double Flex Dbl WR Screen   Gun Double Flex Dbl WR Screen EmptyFri Mar 27, 2009 1:53 pm

League Ready Plays
by Big B
Most leagues are very strict. Lately I have been getting messages about playbooks and such for league play. The key when I was in a league was having base plays that had options and mesh well together. This is one that we will use with a second play play to show you how to find plays when in league play. I talked about this early during the season.

The Gun Double Flex Dbl WR Screen is a play many will walk by. This is a gem. The reason is because itís a basic play that you can mix in with your money plays to catch the defense off guard. It also allows you to move the chains. Now letís talk about screens for a quick second. Screens are great for a person that has a problem with progressions. They cut down on your reads and allow you to get the ball off and get into a flow.

Here you have the FL side and you also have the delay to help create a form of overload.

I tend to motion one of them. The reason is to set a tendency. I want them to focus on him to drop down. If they donít..fine. I just want them to focus on something so I can set other things up.

Now letís say they drop down on the motion. I have the same read to the left.

If they donít drop down I hit the wideout.

Now you can put your back on a slant if you want to make sure you pick up an extra blocker over there or if they dip late you can hit the RB.

Now you use your stick skills to get up the field.

We were able to get about 10 yards on this play. Now this work well if they like to run ďall coveragĒe as well. Remember you have the delay route and both screens.

The key read is the SL. He will get you the kick out or stall block you need to get open.

Once you see he is locked on then begin to throw the ball at your target if no one is in that area.

Now the block is set and you have room to work with.

Get what you can and the clock is moving as well as the chains.

Gun Double Flex Corner Strike

The Corner Strike threat is nice. I make the ďCĒ routes smaller by smart routing them.

Once you playmaker them you can then rocket catche the routes better. (IMO)

Now if I see un-covered receiver on the flats I pop them. If I have time I will look for the C route.

The flat routes hold the underneath defenders so I can do my thing.

Nice rocket for the 1st down. You have 2 different plays that get you decent results and the same read is on both sides.

Now this is un-covered receiver . The key read is the player they playmakered on that side and the OLB (Will linebacker-WOLB)

If no one flashes to him, you pop this throw off right from the snap.

This why I said work the flats. This was something that happened in a game one time.

Highlight stick gets you the missed tackle.

Then you hit the speed burst.

We are in for 6. Any play can be a long one if you work it right and get some breaks. All of this from a flat route.

Now this is an old school move from early filmroom stuff.

Let the back run his delayed curl route. If he is covered you playmaker him to an open spot on the field.

You see no one is really around so I playmaker him somewhere else.

I make him do an out route. He has room to do his thing now.

Little basic things like this helps in the long run when you are in league play.

Final Thoughts

Just a basic play that has some options that expand on your playcalling and help you close out some games. Donít forget the post-snap playmaker trick. Take care and enjoy.
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Gun Double Flex Dbl WR Screen
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