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 The QB walk glitch

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PostSubject: The QB walk glitch   The QB walk glitch EmptyTue Mar 17, 2009 1:03 am

This glitch that I am going to show is unstoppable, so be ware of those who do it.

Step 1. Set you X/square audible to any Shotgun pass play.
Step 2. Cal an pass play with the QB under center, Use the lead blocker selection to select any player other than the QB. (This make the camera zoom out)
Step 3. Press the RB/R1 button for fake snap ( This will zoom the camera back in tight)
Step 4. Press audible (X/square) and then hold up on the left analog stick. While still holding up, Press Left trigger/ LB and the X/square at the same time, Two times Fast. (So when you push left trigger and X at the same time twice-very fast).

Now here is the video for you to see it in action, As the BOOK will find and show it all for you.