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 Steelers Cover 2 Scheme

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PostSubject: Steelers Cover 2 Scheme   Steelers Cover 2 Scheme EmptyMon Feb 09, 2009 2:28 pm

by Kobra
I found this Cover 2 Scheme ran by the Steelers in the Super Bowl pretty interesting, so Iíve included it for you this week. What the Steelers did was something I never really thought of and that was to put their starting safeties at left and right cornerback and move the starting cornerbacks to free and strong safety. I assume the reason they did this was to have stronger defenders at the line of scrimmage that could not only jam receivers, but also be in position to defend against runs towards the perimeter.

For this breakdown I moved FS Ryan Clark to RCB and SS Troy Polamalu to LCB. I then moved RCB Deshea Townsend to FS and LCB Ike Taylor to SS. I only did this for one or two formations. The reason is I donít want my safeties playing corner all game long. For this write up, I used the 3-4 Under.

The play I use is the 3-4 Under CB Blitz. This has both safeties (remember they are lined up at corner) coming in on a blitz.

If my opponent was to run some type of outside running play, they should be in better position to defend it.

However, I would suggest manually moving them. I move Clark a little further outside, Ö

Ö while moving Polamalu slightly towards the inside.

Once the ball is snapped Clark is in good position Ö

Öto make a tackle on the ball carrier.

By moving Polamalu inside, the receiver across from him Ö

Ö wonít be able to get his hands on him to make a block.

Polamalu is now in position to make a tackle on the ball carrier.

Even if your opponent tries to truck Polamalu, chances are he is going to be stopped in his tracks.

Final Thoughts

This scheme really got my wheels turning because I like the idea of having safeties playing the corners to help against outside run plays. Throw in the fact the most corners have more speed, so they can cover more ground if the ball is thrown deep down the middle. Like I said this not a scheme I wouldnít use all the time, but itís something worth looking into. Thanks Dick LeBeau!!
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Steelers Cover 2 Scheme
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