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 Gun Snugs- Jets Switch

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PostSubject: Gun Snugs- Jets Switch   Gun Snugs- Jets Switch EmptyThu Jan 08, 2009 2:38 am

Gun Snugs- Jets Switch

Playbook: NYJ


Step 1. Motion the right slot WR (A) to the right

Step 2. Hike the ball after he takes 2-3 steps past the outside right WR (B)

There are many things I love about this play, but the quick setup is very high up on the list. The quick setup to this play does not allow the defense to make a ton of adjustments. You always need a few plays like this in your offense especially when you are playing some who loves to playmaker all of their defensive plays before the snap to setup some very exotic and tough to read defenses!

Now letís move on and break down the routes this play possesses.

This play has two of the toughest routes to defend in the game. They are the X Clown route and the motioned wheel route from the Verticals play. Both of these routes are un-defendable unless the defense uses manual coverage on them throughout the entire play. Obviously the defense cannot manually be in two places at once.

Now the motioned wheel route is our first read. As soon as you snap the ball you can throw a quick bullet lead pass up to this player. The WR will be wide open just like the Verticals play. No zone defense will follow this motion out. Do not throw this quick pass against man coverage. However, if the defense is in man coverage or you do not want to throw this route as a quick pass, you can also rocket catch it. At anywhere between 10-20 yards downfield, you want to hold down the left trigger and throw a bullet pass up to rocket catch this route.

If the defense manually defends the motioned wheel route, I then am going to be looking to hit the X Clown route deep. We all know that when you roll out to the side of this route, the safety gets dumb and this route is wide open deep for a quick six.

However if the defense blitzes or is in man coverage and we do not have time for the X Clown route to develop, you want to hit the left slot WR on the quick out route. Throw a bullet lead pass to his outside shoulder for an easy completion.

Finally you have the slant hook route run by the right outside WR. This is a great route to use against pretty much any zone coverage because it sits down the same spot of the field as the RB delayed curl route does.

This leaves it open for a quick gain of at least 5 yards.

Final Thoughts:

If the defense is sending a lot of heat at you, and you want to buy more time to make some reads further down the field, block your RB. I do not block my RB unless I have to because I love having him hit the right flats. This keeps any linebackers or defensive backs in the shallow right side of the field from being able to float further down the field and disrupt my motioned wheel route.
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Gun Snugs- Jets Switch
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