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 Gun Bunch Wk: Mesh

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PostSubject: Gun Bunch Wk: Mesh   Gun Bunch Wk: Mesh EmptyThu Jan 08, 2009 2:34 am

Gun Bunch WK- Mesh
Playbooks: Many (EX: PITT)
Step 1. Flip the play and audible (A) WR to a FADE .
He should now run a seam route. This is very easy to RC versus a Cover 2, as it's in between the two safeties.
Step 2. Hot route (B) to a fade. If the DB nears him runs off and to the right, it's man coverage.

If Man:
-Slant the RB out from the backfield.

-Slant the B-receiver over the middle.

-I like to re-audible A on an out route, X on a streak and LB on a streak as well, this makes the man assigned to the A receiver fight over the streaks to stay with him. Basically the main point is to get your fastest WR to the outside & get the other two guys in the bunch to clog up the lane so it creates separation.

If Zone:
This is where we utilize the unique seam route we created at the beginning of the writeup.
-Leave the (A), (X), and (B) receivers alone.

Cover 2:
If you leave the RB route (wheel) alone, drag the TE over the middle. The B-receiver fade and the RB wheel will pull any cover 3 or 4 up the field and make the TE open for days. If cover two, the B-receiver will occupy back right safety, the TE occupies the flat corner, and the RB wheel gets open. Your reads versus cover 2 are the seam route RC (same technique as shown in previous write-ups on RCing the middle of the field) and the wheel route in the cover 2 window on the right.
Cover 3:
Basically, we can go with the motioned corner RC, the quick flat (TE runs this by default), or a check down to the RB out of the backfield on a hot routed curl. The fade on the other side would be my forth read, as thats a long cross field throw that can be RC'd, but I wouldn't dip into that well too often.
Final Thoughts:
You can use the concept of this writeup from most of the "Mesh" plays in the game this year. The exception to this is the Mesh play from Gun Bunch TE and Gun Snugs Flipped. Another formation this works in is the Shotty 2RB (found in the NE playbook as well as others). This play tells you automatically whether defense is in man or zone based on how the DB lines up over the left WR. This WR is normally lined up on the outside from all other plays in these formations, but from the Mesh play, he lines up in the slot which causes the alignment of the DB to be off in man coverage.
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Gun Bunch Wk: Mesh
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