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 SF Playbook Scheme

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SF Playbook Scheme Empty
PostSubject: SF Playbook Scheme   SF Playbook Scheme EmptyThu Jan 08, 2009 2:32 am

SF Scheme
Y: Shotgun Doubles-Fl Screen
A:Shotgun Y-Trips-Wr Screen
X:Shotgun Snugs Flip-Bench
RB:Shotgun Doubles Y-Slot-HB Mid Draw
LB:I form Tight-FB Dive
With this playbook you want to use a team with either 3 good wide receivers and 1 good tight end or 2 good wide receivers and 2 good tight ends. With this scheme I chose the Dallas Cowboys.
Offensive Depth Chart:
QB-Tony Romo
HB-Felix Jones
WR- Terrell Owens & Roy Williams
TE-Jason Witten &Martellus Bennet
Base Formation Plays-
Gun Doubles Y-Slot
Slot Outs
HB Mid Draw
X Shallow Cross
With the base formation I always come out in TE SUB package with the Cowboys!
Gun Doubles
Fl Screen
HB Off Tackle
Rifle Y-Trips
Wr Screen
HB Draw
PA Double Hook
Slot Drive
Gun Snugs Flipped
HB Sweep
PA X Clown
Bench Switch
I-Form Tight
FB Dive
PA Power O
WR Post

Play 1:
Gun Doubles Y Slot- Slot Outs
1.Put x or b on a fade(whatever side you prefer to fade rocket catch on)
2.Put other WR on a smart-routed curl route
3.Put y and a on out routes(donít smart route)
This is my man/zone beater. I will audible to Gun Snugs Flipped always to see whether opponent is in man or zone, unless I run the ball. My first read is the WR on the fade route for the fade rocket catch(I throw this by holding left trigger and up on left analog stick, this is how I do all my rocket catches).
Gun Doubles Y Slot- HB Mid Draw
1. Slide protect down

Secondly, I look for the RB on his in route which will beat zone. My third read on this ply is to my TE's on out routes, they will be open vs. man or zone. If every route appears to be covered you have the curl route as a last resort.
Play 2:

I will run this on short down yardage situations or when there is less then six defenders in the tackle box.

Shotgun Doubles Y Slot Breakdown
Play 1:
Gun Doubles Y Slot- Smash

Step 1.Hike ball
This is a a man beating play or a play that will dominate cover 3. There is no need to set up because vs man my reads or the corner route for rocket catch (which I throw left trigger and up) and then either the WR short curls or the RB delay route as last resort. Versus cover 3 if the corners are occupied the short curls by WR should be wide open.

Gun Doubles Y Slot- X Shallow Cross
Play 2:
Setup: (Both are optional)

Step 1. Put LB on out route to left
Step 2. Put a on smart routed curl This is my favorite man beater out of this formation. My first read is to y on the corner route for a rocket catch. Second I look to the deep post to b and if that isnít open I look for X or LB who should have beaten their man. If nothing appears to be open, dump off to the slot WR on a curl route.

Play 1

Rifle Y Trips-Wr Screen


Step 1. Slide protect right
Step 2. Put LB on a smart routed curl route

This is my favorite passing play from this formation. It can be used to beat both man and zone coverages. My first read is to the WR on the screen route. If this appears to be covered throw to LB on the curl or X on the deep post.

The screen route can beat both man and zone but is most effective against zone. The curl route is used as our primary read against man coverage if we do not like the looks of the screen. We rocket catch this route by throw a high bullet pass.

Play 2:

Rifle Y Trips-Slants


Step 1. Put X and B on smart routed curls
Step 2. Put LB on a streak
Step 3. Put Y on a out route to the left

This play can be used to beat man or zone. I particularly use this play vs. man. I first look to LB for a rocket catch (left trigger and up on the throw). If this doesnít appear to be open, look for Y on the out route to the left vs. man. If nothing appears to be open X, B, or A should be open on their curls (with A being on that short curl).

Final Thoughts:

Stay tuned next week as we continue to look at the Rifle Y Trips formation. We will add three more plays from this formation into our already tough scheme.
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SF Playbook Scheme
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