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 46 Normal- Cover 4

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PostSubject: 46 Normal- Cover 4   46 Normal- Cover 4 EmptyThu Jan 08, 2009 2:25 am

Play: 46 Normal- Cover 4
Playbooks: Many (EX:46,BAL,MULT,ETC)
1. Sub in your starting LDE at SDT
2. Place a fast and tall LB or DE at LDE to manually control
Step 1. Call BNR Coverage
Step 2. Shift the defensive line to the right
Step 3. Spread out the LB'ers
Step 4. Crash the defensive line up
Step 5. Spread the Safeties zones to the sidelines (coverage audible plus up on the right analog stick)
Step 6. Playmaker both outside DB's to perform purple zones
Step 7. Get in control of your LDE (right of screen) and manually control him in coverage

When in control of the LDE, I move to LB depth and over the middle of the offensive line before the snap. After the snap, I first look to defend against screens and HB draws. If neither of these plays are run, I then drop back to cover the deep middle of the field. You want to lock to user pick deep posts, streaks, crossing routes, curls, or whatever else comes into your area.
This is a really tough defense because the short middle and slots are covered up by the linebackers in hook zones. The outside out routes, curl routes, fade routes, etc are covered by the outside DB's in purple zones.
Since we spread out our safeties to cover the sidelines, we can click onto and easily defend any deep routes to the outside. We are manually covering the deep middle yourself so there are no holes in the coverage.
By shifting our defensive line to the right and crashing them out, we actually get very good pressure. Now this is not a nano or anything, but the defensive line will provide very good pressure. This is one of the best defensive line pass rush tactics in the game.
Final Thoughts:
Make sure to sub in a fast and tall player at LDE to manually control him in coverage.
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46 Normal- Cover 4
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