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PostSubject: the new Gitch (Read on)   the new Gitch (Read on) EmptyThu Dec 18, 2008 10:41 am

Online Madden 09 gamer Stephen Gibbons (Gamertag-sgibs7) recently submitted an interesting tip idea that can provide your offense with the ability to easily score in one play on virtually every down. We know this tip works in practice mode extremely well, but the question is does it work in an actual game? What we're going to do in this article is demonstrate how this tip works so you can try it for yourself. This tip can be done with any passing play under center. However, if you've called a playaction play, then you'll want to remove the playaction before the snap by keeping the running back in to block.

Quick Setup
Step 1 - Call any passing play where the quarterback is under center.

Step 2 - Press (360 - RB / PS3 - R1) to pull the screen back and then release.

Step 3 - Reset your play by pressing (360 - X + LT / PS3 - Square + L2).

Step 4 - (optional) Hot route as many receivers as you want to perform a streak route (360 - Y + receiver's icon + d-pad up / PS3 - Triangle + receiver's icon + d-pad up).

Step 5 - (optional) Shift your line protection down to make sure that you're not hit by any immediate pressure (360 - LB + d-pad down / PS3 - L1 + d-pad down).

Step 6 - Snap the ball and touch nothing but the receiver's icon that you want to pass to.

Play Breakdown

The play that we've come out of the huddle in is the Singleback Ace Flanker Drive. Again, you can use this technique with any play where your quarterback is under center.

Defensively, our opponent has come out in a Cover 3 to try to cover the entire field.

The first step we take is simply pressing (360 - RB / PS3 - R1) to pull the screen back and see the entire width of the field.

Next, we call for an audible (360 - X / PS3 - Square) and then reset it by pressing (360 - LT / PS3 - L2) immediately after.

As soon as we have reset the audible our quarterback actually moves up forward to essentially become one with the center.

We call for the snap of the ball and let the computer take over our quarterback as he drops back in the pocket. If you hit any other buttons while the computer drops back to pass you will not be able to throw the ball. Meanwhile, our tight ends run upfield as all 11 defenders blitz in.

The reason all 11 defenders blitzed in before the snap was because our opponent called a zone defense before the snap. We'll show you what happens if your opponent calls for a man to man defense after this first example is complete.

We took the optional step of hot routing the outside receiver, so he is wide open on the far right side of the field as the ball closes in.

Our receiver gets a hand on the ball and knocks it back up into the air.

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall makes the catch with the opposite hand as tight end (#88) Tony Scheffler loses his mind in the background.

This time out opponent is in a man to man defense as we reach the line of scrimmage. Again, we hot route our receivers to perform streak routes before the snap.

When we take the snap for a second time you can see that both outside cornerbacks stay with their men. However, our tight ends are left completely unguarded as their defenders still rush in.

As the computer drops back with the quarterback we only press the button of the tight end when we're ready to throw.

The throw is made and our tight end prepares to make the catch.

The easy catch is made without a defender within 10 yards.

The cornerbacks try to help out, but by the time Scheffler was tackled he had crosses the goalline already.

Final Conclusion

This technique is certainly interesting and entertaining to use, but getting it to consistently work in game mode is not easy at all. Obviously, this is the type of tip that you're only going to want to use offline and against friends if you do get it to work consistently. However, it's still a pretty unique find that should definitely spark up a conversation among Madden gamers everywhere-thanks Stephen.
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the new Gitch (Read on)
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