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 Breaking down the I Form Twin TE- Part 2

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PostSubject: Breaking down the I Form Twin TE- Part 2   Breaking down the I Form Twin TE- Part 2 EmptyTue Dec 09, 2008 11:34 am

I Form Twin TE- Passing Game
Playbook: RNG
I Form Twin TE- HB Screen
Step 1. Hot route the outside right WR to perform an out route
Step 2. Smart route the outside right WR's out route
Step 3. Hot route the inside TE to perform a curl route
Step 4. Block the FB to the right
Step 5. Motion the outside TE (running the wheel route) to the left
Step 6. Snap the ball after he takes one step
1. HB Screen
2. TE Wheel Route
3. WR Out Route
4. TE Curl Route
I love this play because it has so many solid options to go to. The HB screen is tough enough to defend by itself, but when you have so many other solid options to pass to, this play becomes almost impossible to defend.
When you snap the ball, you want to immediately run back and slightly to the right.
If you do not like the looks of the screen route, move on to the TE wheel route. As soon as he cuts up field, hold down the left trigger and throw a bullet pass up. Then click on the TE to rocket catch the route.
Now we also will have a solid passing angle to throw the rocket catch curl or rocket catch out route if we wish.
This play contains 4 extremely solid reads.
I Form Twin TE- Short Slant
Step 1. Streak the inside TE (A)
1. RB in flats
2. Right WR Slant In
3. Outside TE Slant Out
4. TE Streak
This is another highly effective passing play from this formation. The RB hitting the flats from this play is our first read. This route is extremely effective because the RB beats the defense into the flats like the days of PS2.
Keep in mind, the defense will be concentrating on stopping the run, so you should expect to see a lot of pressure, run stopping defenses. The RB in the flats and the hard slant in run by the right WR will kill these sorts of defenses.
Lastly, we look to our tight ends if given the time. The TE slant out is actually an extremely effective route to rocket catch. Again, just hold down the left trigger and throw a bullet pass up just after he breaks his route out to the corner. If the defense cheats too hard on the slant out, you have the inside TE working the seams.
Final Thoughts:
The I Form Twin TE formation is a great formation to pass the ball out of, however most people get caught up with how effective the running plays are and never pass the play. Make sure you can both run and pass from this formation, and your offense will be much harder to stop!
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Breaking down the I Form Twin TE- Part 2
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