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 Singleback Normal - FL Z Clearout

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PostSubject: Singleback Normal - FL Z Clearout   Singleback Normal - FL Z Clearout EmptyTue Dec 09, 2008 11:23 am

Play: FL Z Clearout

Playbooks: Run Balanced
1. Smart route the right outside WR (Y+B+RS)
2. Hot route left outside WR to out route (Y+X+Left)
3. Smart route left outside WR (Y+X+RS)
4. Hot route TE to curl (Y+A+Down)
5. Optional - smart route TE's curl
Now the primary route you want to focus on with this play is the outside right WR's "out n up curl". After you have completed the hot routes, you need to motion that WR (B) towards the left enough to see if the CB is following him for man coverage (EX. If you are in the middle of the field, hike once he passes the yard number marker).
If the CB is in man coverage go ahead and snap the ball. If your opponent is not using bump and run coverage, watch your WR and the DB closely.

You'll see that just as your WR is cutting from the outside to up field, the CB will bite extremely hard on the cut and run the opposite direction of the WR. Right at this moment, you have two options. You can lead the WR with a bullet to get a really big gain if there is no safety over the top or you can throw a bullet pass holding Left Trigger + Left Stick Up and a little to the Right for an easy 10+ yard completion.
The one down side about this play is that bump and run with man coverage will slow this route down because the WR will not make the outside cut. So, if your opponent is in man and bumps, you have 3 excellent other routes to throw and/or Rocket Catch. First look for the left outside WR on the out route, next the TE's streak (same HB Option route from Oct 27th lab), and lastly you have your TE and right WR on a curl.
In the case your opponent is in zone coverage, you will see the outside CB not right side by side with your WR as they do in man coverage. With zone you have a couple options:
1. Run the play and look to make a pass or rocket catch with the same reads as above.
2. Audible to Singleback Normal: Jailbreak Screen
Final Thoughts:

The route with FL Z Clearout is something if you use the Run Balanced book you must know. Despite the limited time you can use it, if you see your opponent in defense that can be beat then make them pay. Previously, Jailbreak Screen was the only play I liked from this formation because of how effective it is against both man and zone, but now if you learn to use both of these and master the routes, it is a difficult 2 play combo to throw at your opponent a few times a game. These 2 plays are not necessarily something to use as a scheme but rather "money plays" you can use in certain situations to catch your opponent off guard.
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Singleback Normal - FL Z Clearout
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