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 Gun Snugs Flip - Bench

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PostSubject: Gun Snugs Flip - Bench   Gun Snugs Flip - Bench EmptyTue Dec 09, 2008 11:22 am

Play: Gun Snugs Flip- Bench
Playbooks: Many (EX: TB,SEA,ETC)
Step 1. Smart route the right slot WR
Step 2. Hot route the outside left WR to perform a curl
Step 3. Streak the outside right WR
Step 4. Motion the right slot WR to the right
Step 5. Snap the ball right before he sets
1. Motioned Right Slot WR
2. Left WR Curl
3. Right Seam Streak
4. Left Slot Corner Route
5. HB Delayed Curl
In the default setup, we motion the right slot WR. However, take notice that both slot WR's run the same route. Thus, we can use smart route either of them and use the motion. I like to smart route and motion the slot WR on the wide side of the field so we have the most space to work with.
Now this motion route absolutely kills any zone defense you could possibly face. The WR burns the DB and after a couple steps you will notice this. Then you throw a bullet pass leading up. The only way to somewhat stop this is to manually move the outside DB's out to the sidelines. If the defense does this, they are screwed just as bad because now we can easily rocket catch this route. Right when it approaches the sidelines, just bullet pass up while holding down the left trigger for precision passing. Then click on and perform the rocket catch. I like to have a fast WR here to get the most YAC. Often times, I can take this pass to the house. If this route is being overplayed by the linebacker's and safety, I will immediately look into the seams for the streak to rocket catch.

Now, the curl route on the left side of the field gets wide open against pretty much all zone coverages as well. This is because they slide out with the corner route once it breaks to the sidelines. This makes for an easy throw and catch. If the defense is in man, we can just throw a bullet pass up and click on to rocket catch it.
Finally, we have the RB on a delayed curl route. This route is only delayed a split second and actually is wide open against every zone defense in the game. You can check down to the RB all day and pick up at least 5 yards. The only reason this route is our last read is because it nets us the shortest amount of yards. However, do not sleep on this route because it literally cannot be stopped by any zone in the game. It is super annoying to defend someone who uses this route a lot because it keeps the chains moving and runs a lot clock while doing so.
Final Thoughts:
This is one of the best plays in Madden 09 because of how well it attacks every area of the field. It is quick to setup and easy to execute. You can score very quickly with this play on the motioned route, or work the ball methodically up the field hitting our other WR's. This is just another top notch play to add into our arsenal of plays from the deadly Gun Snugs Flip formation.
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Gun Snugs Flip - Bench
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