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 Dime Normal - Strike 2 Deep

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PostSubject: Dime Normal - Strike 2 Deep   Dime Normal - Strike 2 Deep EmptyTue Dec 09, 2008 11:19 am

Play: Dime Normal- Strike 2 Deep
Playbooks: ALL
Step 1. Flip the play at the play call screen (reasoning for this will be explained later in this breakdown)
Step 2. Hit coverage audible down plus coverage audible right as soon as the defense breaks the huddle (calls BNR and keeps the MLB in the middle of the field)
Step 3. Grab the left slot blitzing DB and place him directly on the left hip of the RDE (left of screen)
Step 4. Place the LDE (right of screen) into a QB Contain
Step 5. Manually control the right slot DB (blitzing by default) and play with him in coverage
The reasoning for step one is simple. Most formations in the game are strongest blocking wise to the right side of the field. This means that most formations have the TE and/or RB on the right side of the field. The offense can keep these defenders into block if needed. However, by bringing the blitzing DB from the weak side of the field, we can take advantage of this.

If the offense is running a formation with the TE and/or RB on the left simply do not perform step one. Just come out in the play without flipping it and then perform the next steps in the opposite way (IE: DE on the left of the screen in contain, etc)
Anyway, to elaborate on the pressure from this setup, the heat is coming hard and fast from the blitzing DB on the left side of the screen. He will come in untouched and be in the QB's face in a second.
The QB cannot roll out because we have the LDE (right of screen) playing a QB Contain. We are controlling the right slot DB (who is blitzing by default) and playing with him coverage because it is not needed to blitz him, so we may as well use him in extra coverage. I generally like to guard the right slot, but the person I am playing dictates exactly where I cover. I take away his favorite routes myself with this defender.
The coverage is great because it takes away the most popular routes this year. I really like having my outside DB' in yellow zones because they defend the outs and curls perfectly. Also, the bump throws off any deep routes, and with the 2 deep coverage by the safeties, you will still have good deep coverage. The MLB does a good job of taking away the middle of the field on slants and posts. Overall, you should not have to worry too much about getting beat deep because the pressure will not allow the QB to wait long enough for those types of routes to develop.
Final Thoughts:
Be advised, this is not a run defense. This defense can be vulnerable to runs. I use this defense strictly against people who love to pass from the Gun. Considering, that is what most good players do this year, I use this defense a lot. I like having this in my audibles so if the offense comes out in a running set, but then audibles up to the Gun, I can come out in my 46 run defense and then audible up to this play to defend the pass. Overall, I have found this defense to be highly successful for me against the pass. I get a lot of picks and sacks with this defense. This year, I really prefer outside heat as opposed to inside heat. The reasoning is that the offense line is very smart in picking up inside blitzers this year. This makes you have to send more rushers to get inside heat. However, with outside heat, you can send less rushers and still bring very quick heat. You also can place the opposite DE in a QB Contain to prevent the roll out because you do not have to worry about backside blockers picking up outside rushers. This defense has really helped me get stops so be sure to implement it into your defensive gameplan as well!
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Dime Normal - Strike 2 Deep
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