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 Singleback Bunch- Bunch Fade

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PostSubject: Singleback Bunch- Bunch Fade   Singleback Bunch- Bunch Fade EmptyFri Nov 14, 2008 9:19 pm

One of the plays I used to run on the CG was the Singleback Bunch Bunch Fade. I want show how I like to run it on the NG in Madden 09 that allows me to beat zone coverage pretty consistently.

Playbooks Found In:


Since I am using the Bengals, I move Chris Henry outside. He is the teamís tallest receiver, and makes it that much easier for me to rocket catch with him. Keep in mind for those that canít rocket catch, you may not want to run this play.

To set this play up, I hot route the slot (A) on a streak.

When running this play, I like to have max protection to make sure I have time to make the throw. Some of you may not want to use max protection, and thatís fine. I also like to use slide protection (not shown) to the right since I am going to roll my QB to the right side after the ball is snapped.

To give an underneath option, I hot route him on a drag.

This formation is very easy to read the pass coverage before the snap. If the RCB lines up outside of Henry, then itís zone coverage. If the RCB lines up across from Henry, itís man coverage.

If you still are not sure of the pass coverage, simply motion the receiver (B) to line up on the right to the inside. If the LCB follows him, itís man coverage; if not, itís zone coverage.

Once the ball is snapped, I step left with the QBÖ

Öand then roll to the right. I do this to draw the pass rushers inside.

I want to sprint to the QB to the far right.

I then look back to the opposite side to see if Henry is open.

Notice the RCB goes inside to cover the slot receiver, who is running the seam route down the middle of the field.

This allows Henry to get open on the fade.

While the ball is up in the air, I take control of Henry and use the rocket catch to snag the pass for a big pick-up down the field.

Final Thoughts

This pass concept is not for everyone. I know some leagues may look down on this because of the rollout. Also, I know not everyone can rocket catch. Be sure to watch the video breakdown because I do show other options to look for when running this pass concept. Also I show how to get into the Pistol offense to buy some extra time while under center.
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Singleback Bunch- Bunch Fade
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