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 Moving The D Line Without Them Resetting

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PostSubject: Moving The D Line Without Them Resetting   Moving The D Line Without Them Resetting EmptyFri Nov 14, 2008 9:17 pm

This past weekend, I was labbing defense and looking for new ways to create pressure. I found something that I felt was interesting, so I decided to share it with our members this week. What I am going to show in this write-up is the ability to move a defensive linemen without him resetting back to the line of scrimmage once he is released.

The defense I come out in is the 4-3 Over Spy 3 Blitz. Notice I am in control of the WDT. I subbed in Bearsí RE Mark Anderson in at WDT because he has a speed rating of 85.

The first thing I do is hot route him to blitz.

I move him so that he lines up across from the slot receiver on the right.

I then release him and quickly press the LB (L1) and then right, left, right on the D-pad or left stick. Notice he now lines up just inside of the slot receiver. He is still rushing the QB, but I am not in control of him. I have now created an overload blitz.

VG Sports Filmroom Tip: Squeeze tried this and said he could press the LB button, then down on the d-pad or left to get the WDT to stay in place once released. That is something you may want to try while labbing this.

I go ahead and freeze the defense so that the LOLB comes back inside.

These next few steps are all optional. I hot route the LOLB, the SDT, and LE to blitz. If you donít have time to hot route them to blitz, no big deal.

I switch to the RE. I hot route him into QB Contain. Again this is optional.

Once the ball is snapped, I stay in control of the RE. I can either have him rush outside or drop him back in pass coverage. The idea here is to make sure I get some of the offensive linemen to look to block me. Notice the C, LG, and LT look to block the RE. This leaves two pass blockers (RG, RT) to block the overload on the right side.

The LE and WDT both get pressure on the QB.

Final Thoughts

The idea of this set-up is to create some confusion on the offensive line by moving the WDT outside. This is something that can be done from just about any formation. I could have hot routed the WDT into a hook, buzz, or QB contain and he still would have lined up outside once I released him. We will show some more overloads and coverage schemes that can be created in the filmroom, as well as the defensive video playbook during the course of the season. Be sure to view the video for a more in-depth breakdown
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Moving The D Line Without Them Resetting
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