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 Rifle Y-Trips: WR Screen

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PostSubject: Rifle Y-Trips: WR Screen   Rifle Y-Trips: WR Screen EmptySun Oct 26, 2008 5:49 am

Play: Rifle Y-Trips: WR Screen

Playbooks: DET and SF
Step 1. Smart route the right slot WR (LB on the 360)
Step 2. Hot route the outside left WR to perform a slant out
Step 3. Smart route the outside left WR's slant out
1. WR Screen
2. Outside left WR
3. Right slot WR
The main reason why this screen play is so tough is because the offense line blocks like a normal pass play for the first couple seconds of the play. This gives you time to hit your other WR's if you do not like the looks of the screen.
The offensive line will actually release and then go out to block for the WR screen. The blocking on this screen route is superb.

When running this play, your first read is always the WR screen. If you like the looks of it, wait for your offensive line to release and move out to block for the WR. Then throw a bullet pass to him.
If you do not like the blocks of the screen, you have your two other WR's.

The right slot WR on the smart routed post route is a great option against man to man or a blitz. If the defense blitzes anyone over the middle of the field he will be open for a bullet pass.
Now let's talk about the outside left WR. I love this route. This route is super deadly because it is a rocket catch that is undefendable. The best part about it is, even if you mess up your timing, the defense will drop the pick every single time. It is impossible to pick this pass. The defense will go into a spinning catch animation and drop it every single time!
To perform this route catch, wait until the WR is about a yard away from bouncing off the sideline up the field and then throw a bullet pass up while holding down the left trigger.
Final Thoughts:
Get your fastest WR and best WR after the catch running the screen. Also, put your tallest WR with the highest jump rating as the outside left WR.
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Rifle Y-Trips: WR Screen
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