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 Gun Empty Trips Open- Levels

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PostSubject: Gun Empty Trips Open- Levels   Gun Empty Trips Open- Levels EmptySun Oct 26, 2008 5:47 am


Play: Gun Empty Trips Open- Levels

Playbooks: Many

Step 1. Put the outside right WR on a curl route
Now like I said in the preview, the levels passing concept is found in many formations, and just about every playbook in the game has this concept in at least one formation. The only exception to this is it is not in any of the default playbooks such as Run N Gun, pass balanced, etc. This books are based on Madden 08 which is why they are the only books you will find with off tackle running plays.
Now getting back to the levels concept, the reason why I love this play is because of the unique route combinations.
The out route run by the outside left WR in this play is literally unstoppable. The reason I love this route so much is because it breaks off to the sidelines after about 7 yards which is key. This lets you throw this route no matter what the defense does. A lot of plays have deep out routes which are tough to wait long enough to throw if the defense pressures you. Also, I find that if you smart route out routes past 9 or 10 yards the same thing happens. This play will let you throw this out route at any down and distance and point on the field. This out route really is effective against any coverage as well. It gets underneath man and zone when you rocket catch it. The only way to stop it is literally having at least 3-4 people on that sideline and to pray the WR drops the ball. To perform the rocket catch on this route, just wait until 1 second after the WR breaks to the sidelines and throw a bullet pass with lead up. Then click onto the WR and perform the rocket catch.
Now if the defense cheats too hard on the left sidelines, you have the rocket catch to the left slot.
I also love the two in routes run by the inside WR's on the right side of the screen. These in routes hit different levels of the field and do a great job against zone coverage. No matter what zone the defense is in, one of them will get open at some point.

Final Thoughts:
Of course we have the curl route on the right side of the field. This is another option that makes this play extremely tough to defend. Everyone should have the curl rocket catch mastered by now.
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Gun Empty Trips Open- Levels
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