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 SG Trips TE- WR Short Post

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PostSubject: SG Trips TE- WR Short Post   SG Trips TE- WR Short Post EmptyMon Oct 20, 2008 12:52 am

Play: SG Trips TE- WR Short Post
Playbooks: Many (Any book with SG Trips TE; ex: RNG,TENN,etc)
Step 1. Hot route the TE to perform a fade
Step 2. Hot route the outside left WR to perform a curl route
Step 3. Motion the inside left WR (on the slant hook) to the right
Step 4. Snap the ball right before he sets

Your reads on this play are very simple.
First of all, watch the defense when you motion your WR to the right because it will tell you if they are running man or zone. If they are in man, the defender will will run with your motioned WR, but if the defense is in zone, the defender will slide with your motioned WR.
If you read man, you want to first read the outside left WR on the curl route. When he turns around, throw a high bullet pass and then click onto the WR while holding down and to the inside with the catch button. You will perform the rocket catch.
You can also look to the TE on the fade route. This is a great rocket catch against man or zone. I like to use the precision passing with this pass to throw a quick rocket catch between 10-20 yards. Hold down the L trigger while throwing a high bullet. Then click onto the WR and hold down and catch to perform the rocket catch. If you want to rocket catch this route further down the field, you use lead passing with a bullet pass lead down.
You can also look to the motioned route on the right sidelines. This route makes this play so deadly. This route will sit down on the sidelines like a curl. It literally gets in perfect position on any defense. Any zone, man, whatever it literally does not matter. Deep zones will literally run downfield leaving this route wide open. To throw this route, wait until the WR turns around and throw a bullet with precision pass lead up. Then click on and hold down and to the inside with the catch button to perform the rocket catch. You can literally use this route against whatever defense you face. The WR gets under any zone and man coverage.
You can also rocket catch the TE fade and outside left curl VS zone. However, the left WR runs short curl route on this play. This route is an absolute zone killer. The zones will slide out to the sidelines to cover the left outside deep curl leaving this route wide open. Throw a bullet pass with no pass lead and get up field.
If the defense manually covers this route or has a bunch of flat zones to sit underneath this route, the outside left WR curl route will be wide open.
I find getting big/tall players onto the field for this play makes it extremely tough. One thing I did is come out in I Form Twin TE with the Jumbo Package and audibling up to this play. This allowed me to have 3 TE's on the field. I used the Cowboys and all three of my TE's were huge.
Final Thoughts:
The two routes that make this play are the short curl route and the slant hook route. This route combination combined with the motion gives the defense way too much to worry about. All of our players on this play are great options no matter what the defense does.
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SG Trips TE- WR Short Post
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