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 Gun Snugs Flip- PA X Clown

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PostSubject: Gun Snugs Flip- PA X Clown   Gun Snugs Flip- PA X Clown EmptyTue Oct 14, 2008 12:14 pm

Gun Snugs Flip- PA X Clown

Playbooks: Many but I used the Jets play book
Step 1. Streak the right slot WR
Step 2. Hot route the HB to perform a slant to the right
Step 3. Motion the right slot WR to the left
1. Left Slot WR Quick Out
2. HB Slant Out
3. Deep Post/Streak Combo
4. Crossing Route

The deep post that has a little shake to it is the route that can be used to score in one play. As soon as it gets one step on the defensive backs you want to lob it up deep. You can also rocket catch this route by throwing a bullet with pass lead up while holding down the l trigger (precision passing) when it makes its break down the middle of the field.

This route can beat both man and zone. Now, after you use it a few times the defense will start to key on it and try to manually defend it. When this happens, you want to hit the motioned streak down the seams.
A lot of times the defense will blitz you. This is when we look to our first read which the quick out route run by the left slot WR. I also really like this route because even when people play zone, most players leave the flats open to guard the corner routes with purple zones. This route also kills man to man.

Now if you read man coverage, you can also hit the RB out of the backfield or the crossing route coming over the middle of the field from right to left. This crossing route is key because a lot of times it will pull the deep safety down leaving the deep post wide open.

Now as I said in the introduction to this writeup, I am going to teach you how to read exactly what type of the zone the defense is playing before you even snap the ball! You will be able to tell if the defense is in cover 2, cover 3, or cover2.

This is extremely useful because it will make your reads much easier and quicker once the play begins.

This tactic will work from any play or formation, but it is most easily used and most effective from compressed sets like the one I am showing in this example. The first key is reading if the defense is in man or zone which is extremely easy and we have shown how to do many times in the lab this year. Once you read it is zone, you want to read which zone you are facing. Read below to find out how!

Cover 4:
The key is to watch the outside corner backs. When it is cover 4, they will slide up and to the outside. This is very easy to notice.

Cover 3:
The key here is to watch the safeties. The safeties will rotate. The SS will drop down towards the box, and the FS will rotate right so he is covering more so the deep middle.

Cover 2:Once again, you want to watch the safeties. When it is cover 2, the safeties will not rotate at all. Also you can distinguish it between the cover 4 look because the corner backs do not move at all as they do when cover 4 is called.
Now that you know how to read what zone is called pre-snap, it is very easy to pick apart zones. This is a huge tip that hardly anyone knows about and the people that do have tried to keep it quiet because anyone who knows about this has a huge advantage!

Final Thoughts:
If the defense is bringing a heavy rush at you, and you need to buy yourself extra time, block your RB instead of sending him out on the slant route.
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Gun Snugs Flip- PA X Clown
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