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 how to put a gif into a sig

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PostSubject: how to put a gif into a sig   how to put a gif into a sig EmptyTue Aug 05, 2008 10:38 am

this is a tut i made for my GIMP community. its for inserting a small gif into a larger image without using GAP. i hope its useful

First, start with your .gif image and unoptimize as shown in the picture above.

Next, change the image mode to and RBG image from an indexed image

Now, scale the canvas size of the image and make your background, duplicate it for each and every one of the frames, and distribute it behind each frame. It should look like this:

Add text and any other animation effects you may want and do the same as with the background. You may also want to fine tune the frames of the animation so it blends better with the BG. As a final step with the layers, merge each frame with its corresponding text, background, extra animation, etc.

Now optimize for gif and refer back to the original animation for how long each frame should be. Check playback a few times to be sure that the animation runs smoothly.

Now save as a .gif and u have yourself your own animated picture!
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how to put a gif into a sig
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