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 The Crooked Post Route

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PostSubject: The Crooked Post Route   Sun Feb 28, 2010 8:19 pm

: To Give you an example of what this route is, There is a Play in the Singleback Ace set Called Flanker Curl, The left reciever is running this route, This Route is not yet a money route, but we will soon fix that.

In order to make this route money you will need to smart route his route. This will shorten the route and let your reciever get the inside position on the DB.

These Routes work best when there is only one reciever on the side of the field that you plan on throwing to, so make sure you motion your recievers out of the way when running this Route.

1. Call a play with a crooked post route.
2. Smart Route the Crooked Post
3. Snap the ball and watch the reciever as he makes his cut to the inside.
4. Fire the ball when the reciever gets inside position against the DB.
Strengths: Man Coverage and Cover 3 & 4 Zones
Weakness: Cover 2 Zone

Plays That Contain The Crooked Post:

Singleback Ace:
1. Flanker Curl
2. PA Roll Right

Singleback Flex:
1. PA Power O

Singleback Y-Trips:
1. PA WR In
I-Form Pro:
1. Cross In

I-Form Pro Twins:
1. Wheel Out

Strong Pro:
1. Z-Spot

Gun Spread:
1. Flanker Dig

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The Crooked Post Route
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