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 Text to Path

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PostSubject: Text to Path   Mon Jul 27, 2009 6:34 am

Text to Path

This short tutorial will teach you how to create text to path technique In the Gimp. When completed you should be able to get text to follow any sort of path.

Step 1
Create your desired path. you don't need to hit enter you can open the path dialog and click on the eye icon to see the path.

Step 2
With "Text tool" type in the words you would like to run along your path.

Step 3
Then click on "text along path" in the "Tool options", you should get this red/pink outline of your text aligned with your can delete the original text layer if its getting in the way.

Step 4
Go to the path dialog and right click the text path and select "Path to selection"

Step 5
Now that your path is under selection you will still see this pink stuff around your text don't worry to remove that click the eye icon beside your "TEXT PATH" that can be found in the "PATH DIALOG"

If you did step 5 correctly you should get a normal selection shown in the example image below.

Step 6
Now you can add a new layer and fill it with the paint bucket or gradient fill

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Text to Path
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