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 Creating Pressure With Stunts

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PostSubject: Creating Pressure With Stunts   Tue Jan 27, 2009 3:53 pm

by Kobra
This past week in the Defensive Video Playbook I posted a way to get pressure when calling defenses that have the defensive linemen stunting. I thought I would go ahead post it in the VG Sports Madden Filmroom as well. The set up is simple, plus its gets some good heat on the QB without giving up much in the way of pass coverage.

The defense used for this breakdown is the Nickel Normal Cover 3 Press. The reason it is used is because the SDT and WDT stunt. This is what creates the pressure.

To set the defense up, we want to pinch the defensive line.

The Nickel Normal Cover 3 Press has the RCB, FS, and LCB playing 3 Deep Coverage.

Instead of playing 3 Deep Coverage, we want to play 2 Deep Coverage. Notice we hot route the FS to blitz. Donít worry, we will cover the deep middle of the field or at least make it a little more secure.

We move the FS right behind the RE.

Notice the FSís blitz angle is shooting through the B Gap between the LG and LT.

As we already pointed out, we now have Cover 2 Coverage. Both the RCB and LCB drop straight back. The problem with this set up is the deep middle is left wide open.

To help make the deep middle less vulnerable from attack, we shade the safeties to the inside.

One other adjustment we make if we have time is to hot route the LE to QB Contain. We do this to prevent our opponent from rolling out to the right side.

From the top down view, you get a better idea of how the blitz works. The LT will block the RE and the LG will block the SDT. The WDT and SDT will stunt.

This allows the FS to shoot through the B Gap to get pressure on the QB.

In the screen shot above, you can see the LT and LG looking to block the RE and SDT.

The FS shoots through the B Gap and goes after the QB.

If your opponent tries to roll left or right, the DEís should be in position to sack him or force a bad pass on the run.

The FS sacks the QB for a loss.

Final Thoughts

Be sure to watch the video breakdown because I go into more detail about other ways to set this blitz up.

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Creating Pressure With Stunts
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