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 Dollar Normal: WK Eagle Slant 3

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PostSubject: Dollar Normal: WK Eagle Slant 3   Thu Jan 08, 2009 2:21 am

Play: Dollar Normal: WK Eagle Slant 3
Playbooks: ALL
Step 1. Hit coverage audible up plus coverage audible right (calls BNR and freezes the defense)
Step 2. Pinch the LB'ers
Step 3. Hot LB Audible to the right (re-blitzes the LB on the right of the screen)
Step 4. Stack this blitzing LB over the RG
Step 5. Playmaker the DT AND LDE (right of screen) down to blitz
Step 6. Grab the blitzing right slot DB and stack him in between the blitzing LB and LDE (right of screen)
*Make sure he is in the right B Gap *

For this blitz, I like to sub in my fastest backup DB into the right slot where the blitzing DB is.
This is an overload blitz off the right side of the offensive line. Generally, the DB will come through untouched through the right B Gap. Different protection schemes will alter the pressure from time to time, but no matter what, someone will come off the right side of the offensive line untouched.
If I have time, I like to grab the SS in the hook zone and put him over the right slot WR or TE. This allows him to get a good jam on this offensive player to throw of the timing of his route and give the blitz more time to get in. The right slot is only weakness in the coverage from this play, but by performing this additional step, we can take care of it.
I generally like to control the LB in the hook zone and sit over the middle of the field for streaks, posts, curls, or slants. This also allows me to jump in front of screen passes for the user pick if I see one developing after the ball is snapped.
Final Thoughts:
You can also flip this blitz to have it come from the left side of the offensive line. I like to do this from time to time if the offense is running a formation where the TE and RB are on the right side.

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Dollar Normal: WK Eagle Slant 3
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