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 Breaking Down The I Form Twin TE Formation Part 1

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PostSubject: Breaking Down The I Form Twin TE Formation Part 1   Tue Dec 09, 2008 11:27 am

I Form Twin TE Running Game
Playbook: RNG
To run this scheme to its full potential, you want to make sure you have the proper personal on the field.
1. Make sure you have your best WR in
2. Make sure you have two TE's who are good receivers and can rocket catch
3. Put your strongest RB who can break the most tackles at FB
4. Put your fastest RB at RB
Play 1: I Form Twin TE- FB Dive
Step 1. Motion the outside left TE to the right
Step 2. Snap the ball once the TE is between the LT and LG
When To Run This Play:
When the defense has less than eight defenders in the box.
This play is like the jab in boxing. This is the bread and butter play of this formation and is used to soften up the defense. This play can get you a solid 4-5 yards no matter what the defense throws at you. By running this play, you will make the defense bring more defenders into the box and stack the middle of the field which is when we use our other two running plays.
Lastly, if the defense run commits down when you are running this play, you can break the run to the outside left and get a huge gain.
Play 2: I Form Twin TE- HB Off Tackle
Step 1. Flip the run to the left side of the field
When To Run This Play:
When the defense has more than 8 or more defenders in the box.
The HB Off Tackle is one of the deadliest running plays in the game, yet everyone is sleeping on it. I am the only person I have seen all year who runs it consistently. You can pound the rock up the middle with this run, or you can break it outside if given the chance for a huge gain.
Play 3: I Form Twin TE- HB Lead Toss
Step 1. Slide protect Up (Aggressive Blocking)
Step 2. Motion the outside right TE to the right and snap the ball after he takes one half step out (just a split second after you motion him)
When To Run This Play:
When the defense has 8 or more defenders in the box and is the stacking the middle.
This play is designed to attack the outside of the field. This play has more risk involved than the HB Off Tackle, so I like to use this play more sparingly. When running this play, you can get huge gains. When I say huge, I mean 80 yard touchdowns. The key to this play is to simply call it at the right time. I look to run this play especially when the defense pinches the LB'ers and defensive line. This is the best toss play in the game and with the adjustments provided it is dominant. This toss play absolutely kills most 46 bear defenses.
I find that toss plays do not work nearly as well to the right side of the field, so do not flip this running play.
Final Thoughts:
When running these plays, make sure to use the highlight stick to gain extra yardage. Anytime the defense tries to make a tackle and makes contact, make sure to repeatedly flick the highlight stick up in order to either break the tackle, or at the very least fall forward for at least 2-3 yards every single time. This really is important because it allows you to move the chains and pick up extra yardage on each running play. This could be the difference in a crucial first down for the offense, or a crucial stop for the defense.
Finally, as I said before, tosses do not work well to the right side of the field, so do not flip the play. However, feel free to flip the FB Dive and the HB Off Tackle to the other side of the field if you wish to do so.

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Breaking Down The I Form Twin TE Formation Part 1
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