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 46 Normal- Zone Blitz

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PostSubject: 46 Normal- Zone Blitz   Sat Aug 30, 2008 9:18 am

Play: 46 Normal- Zone Blitz

Playbook: 46


Step 1. Crash the DL out

Step 2. Shift the LB'ers to the right

Step 3. Playmaker the LOLB (right of screen) to blitz straight down

Step 4. Stack the LOLB (right of screen) into the right B gap (between the G/T)

Step 5. Playmaker the SDT (right of screen) AND LDE (right of screen) to blitz straight down

Step 6. Playmaker the ROLB (left of screen) into a purple zone and slide him out to the left 3-5 yards

Step 7. Playmaker the MLB to perform a hook zone

Now I like to manually control the MLB in this setup. It gives me more flexibility with my coverage. If I do not see any routes of the middle of the field to cover, it allows me to help elsewhere. I can cover streaks down the seams and/or corner routes or any other sideline routes. Also if the offense runs a WR Screen, I can run out to break it up.

The LOLB flys up the A Gap, with the SS either coming off the edge or right behind. The opposite DE will loop around the OL preventing a roll out to the left. Again, a fast SS who is a good blitzer will make this blitz even better!

This blitz works best with fast/good pass rushing DE's. If you play with a team that does not have such DE's, I recommed to go ahead and sub in fast OLB's in their spots. You could use the Dime- LB PASS Rush package to do so.

I also would recommend getting your best blitzing LB in the LOLB spot for this play.

You can also run this same setup with 46 Normal- Engage 8 which is in any playbook with the 46 Normal formation, however given the choice, I find the 46 Normal- Zone blitz to be more effective.

Final Thoughts:

This is yet another blitz that is not effected by slide protection. Slide protection to the right does absolutely nothing on this blitz

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46 Normal- Zone Blitz
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